This small town on the Mississippi River is steeped in history, and the Vicksburg Civil War Museum is a place chronicling and preserving the past. This unique museum is owned by Charles Pendleton—the first African American to own a Civil War Museum. There’s plenty to discover about the American Civil War, particularly the campaign, siege, and defense of Vicksburg during these troubled times in the late 1800s—but you’ll also get an unprecedented look inside Black history within the Civil War era, highlighting the bravery and contributions of Black soldiers, freedmen, and abolitionists.

History buffs love exploring here: From the Vicksburg Civil War Museum and the Vicksburg National Military Park to the USS Cairo Gunboat Museum and the historic home tours, there’s no shortage of American memorabilia, interesting stories, and connections to the past. The Vicksburg Civil War Museum is a particularly special place to find out more about all the men and women involved in this struggle and offers a more inclusive perspective into the past.

For those intrigued by the stories of our southern history, our Bed and Breakfast in Vicksburg MS serves as the perfect home base for your stay. Oak Hall B&B is a modern take on traditional bed-and-breakfast-style lodging, located in a historic Fannie Willis Johnson Home built in 1910. It’s been lovingly restored, maintaining its old-world charm and stunning stained glass windows, while our elegant guest rooms have all the modern amenities for comfort and relaxation. Start planning your next visit to the Vicksburg Civil War Museum, and get your reservation on the books today!

Vicksburg Civil War Museum and more things to do in Vicksburg

Visit the Vicksburg Civil War Museum & More Historical Sights

There are so many fantastic things to do in Vicksburg, especially for scholars, military enthusiasts, and historians. The Vicksburg Civil War Museum is a great place to start! Then you can stroll the charming downtown streets and riverfront and head out to explore more.

  1. Vicksburg Civil War Museum: The Vicksburg Civil War Museum offers guided tours to provide in-depth information about the exhibits and the historical context of the Civil War in Vicksburg. The museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts, memorabilia, and exhibitions related to the Civil War, with a strong focus on the often untold stories of Black soldiers. Visitors can expect to see various items, including weapons, uniforms, and other historical artifacts. Under Charles Pendleton’s guidance, this museum is dedicated to merging history and inclusivity for a more in-depth look into this trying time in our country.
  2. Vicksburg National Military Park: Next up, check out the Vicksburg National Military Park, which commemorates the Vicksburg campaign during the American Civil War. It offers historical tours, educational programs, walking paths, and scenic drives through the battlefield. Visitors can explore preserved trenches, monuments, and the USS Cairo Museum, gaining insights into the pivotal Civil War events.
  3. USS Cairo Gunship and Museum: While the museum is temporarily closed, visitors can still witness this example of only one of seven shallow-draft City Class river ironclads up close and personal. This boat was basically forgotten, so in turn, it became a time capsule in which artifacts were preserved in an essentially oxygen-free environment.
  4. Historic Home Tours: With all the rich history in Vicksburg comes beautiful architecture. There is a collection of historic home tours that visitors can explore during their time in the town. Start with our tour of the Oak Hall B&B, and we’ll give you some insight into the design and restoration.
  5. Mississippi Blues Trail: A popular tour with history buffs and music fans alike, the Mississippi Blues Trail is well worth exploring. Thankfully, Vicksburg is home to six stops along the trail, with the iconic blue markers set around our charming small town.

There’s so much more to explore in Vicksburg, from live music at the riverfront casinos and rooftop bars to charming boutiques and walking tours; you’ll find plenty to fill your time on your next getaway to our charming town on the Mississippi River.

Vicksburg Civil War Museum and more things to do in Vicksburg, pictured here is a guest room at Oak Hall Bed and Breakfast

Elegant Lodging at our Bed and Breakfast in Vicksburg MS

Oak Hall is a premier Bed and Breakfast in Vicksburg MS for a restful and relaxing getaway! We’re in the ideal location in the Historic Fostoria neighborhood near downtown, walkable to the best things to do, including the Vicksburg Civil War Museum, the best restaurants, bars, and so much more.

The Fannie Suite (pictured above) is a spacious room with balcony access shared with the Louis Suite, so it is ideal for two couples to book in tandem. You’ll love the private bathroom with a claw-foot soaking tub, the California King bed, the filtered light from the stained glass windows, and the modern conveniences like a smart TV, wi-fi, and air conditioning.

Take advantage of our butler’s pantry each morning for light breakfast fare, hot coffee, teas, and juice. Enjoy your meal on the extensive porch or one of our classic sitting rooms. One thing that sets our Bed and Breakfast in Vicksburg MS apart is our warm and welcoming hospitality! Please feel free to ask your kind innkeeper for personalized recommendations and requests. Make your reservation today!